Super Simple Birthday Cake

Super Simple Birthday Cake

02 Oct 2015 Posted by: A KalliKids Champion

We may not all be first in line for the next series of Bake Off, but Rachael our KalliKids Champion for Edinburgh shares this Lion cake recipe which is so simple, anyone can do it!

You can make the components yourself, or buy them readymade. The quantities you will need depends on the size of your cake but it doesn’t hurt to be generous and have leftovers.

You will need:-

2 round sponge cakes

Butter Icing or frosting (tint with yellow food colouring if desired)

Chocolate fingers

Giant Chocolate Buttons

Writing Icing Pens in brown and white


1. Place your cake on to the plate or stand you are going to present it on and sandwich your two sponge cakes together using butter cream in between. If your bottom cake has a domed top, trim the top to give you a level surface. 

Two Round Sponge Cakes

2. Cover the entire cake with the remaining butter cream, don’t worry about getting a smooth finish, texture adds character! Be careful not to move the butter cream around too much as it will pick up crumbs from the sponge underneath.

Cake Covered with Butter Cream 

3. Place your chocolate fingers around the edge to the cake to make the Lion’s mane, with about two thirds of the length overhanging the edge. Continue until you have placed chocolate fingers around the entire cake.

Cake with Chocolate Fingers

4. Now to add your Lion’s features. Use two Giant Chocolate buttons as eyes and trim another into a triangle to make a nose and place these on your cake. Trim one edge off a fourth button and set aside to use as a tongue. Add the final details with the writing icing pens.

Cake with Nose

Cake Complete

Rachael lives in central Edinburgh with her family. Having previously worked in retail management Rachael's focus is on customer service and her firm belief that there is nothing better than a personal recommendation. To find out about KalliKids accredited activities in the Edinburgh area follow Rachael's Facebook Page If you are an activity provider in Edinburgh who would like to find out more about becoming KalliKids accredited you can contact Rachael here.

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