Skills for Life: Sewing Part 2 - How to Wind a Bobbin Up

15 Dec 2014 Posted by: Fiona Mostyn

Sewing is a valuable life skill and a fun hobby for crafters. In part two of our How to Videos from Little Hands Design, Astrid shows us how to wind a bobbin up.

 This is a lot of fun, you get to really, 'put your foot down' and watch your chosen thread colour appear on your bobbin in a flash. Don't be fooled though, you must thread up properly in the beginning… OR, you will end up with one big thready mess! Have fun winding the bobbin up!


Leave us your comments, and let us know how easy or hard do you find it to thread up the sewing machine?

Little Hands Design is run by Astrid Jacoby who has built a loyal following through innovative and inspiring school-based sewing programmes for children and teens in northwest London. Astrid teaches children's sewing and design classes from a purpose-built textile studio, complete with a sewing and design suite. To find out more about Little Hands Design see their KalliKids profile.




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