Play Dates Challenge Day 5 - Baby Memories

05 Feb 2016 Posted by: A KalliKids Champion

Day 5 of Champion Carly's Challenge to spend at least 15 minutes on a play date with your kids each day for a week.

Look at their baby books and albums together

Most children are fascinated to hear stories of when they were babies, or much younger, so a great bonding session with them is one where you share your stories and photos with them of their younger years.

Nowadays most people will have this stored digitally somewhere, however I know a lot of mothers that still have baby books about their children’s first years, reminding them of when they first started teething, or eating solids and when they started walking or what their first words were.  Going through their baby albums together is a great opportunity to talk to them about how much they have grown and what has changed for them.  They will love to see themselves doing funny little things, which amused us enough to take the photo in the first place.

You could even take it one step further and dig up some old baby photos of your own to show your kids.  They will most likely find it amusing to see you as a baby as you are now just a really ‘old’ person to them.  Even if you still a very young mum right now.

Even if you do not have the baby albums you feel you should, it’s never too late to create them.  You may want to start doing a scrapbook together, adding special photos, keepsakes and notes for each year of your child’s life.  Some things to add, a picture of them on their birthday each year, record the milestones like first tooth, first steps and first day at school.  Add special school reports, certificates and, awards they have won, their favourite pieces of art.  You can add extra details like what size show they wore or what their favourite song was at the time.  These are their precious memories so keep anything that means something to you and them.  Maybe one day they will get to show it to their children too.

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