Play Dates Challenge Day 3 - Nature Walk

03 Feb 2016 Posted by: A KalliKids Champion

Day 3 of Champion Carly's Challenge to spend at least 15 minutes each day for a week on a playdate with your kids.

Not everyone lives in a beautiful country homestead surrounded by acres of fields, woodlands and open space but a 15 minute walk in the sunshine or cold crisp air whilst admiring the beauty of nature is a breath of fresh air.  Most have access to a local park or some fields close by and there are lots of pathways along scenic sites, rivers and wooded areas to make use of.

Bearing in mind your time frame for this, it’s probably not worth your while to drive for 15 minutes, to walk for the same amount of time and then home again as this is close to an hour’s outing and you will not feel relaxed and refreshed if you feel like you have lost time in your day.  You will probably be hurrying the walk along instead of using it as quality time with your kids.  So instead save your forest walk for a family fun outing where there are no time limits and instead just opt to go for a walk somewhere in your neighbourhood.

This is time to chat and learn about your kids, whilst you enjoy whatever nature is around you.  Look at the trees and discuss what they look like, maybe some resemble something else, perhaps they are full of colourful leaves or look bare and creepy in some way.  See if you can spot any animals - watch the squirrels play or identify any birds.  Find little souvenirs to take home, pebbles, small odd shaped sticks, pretty leaves.  See how many different creatures you can count – insects, butterflies, bees, spiders, birds, etc.

Even if you live in an urban area, chances are you will find nature if you go looking for it and your kids will not only appreciate the one on one time with you but they will be discovering and learning more about their world from you directly. 

Carly lives in Wokingham with her husband and two children. Carly helps parents get connected with the best activities in Berkshire and is looking forward to meeting parents at events in the area. To find out about KalliKids accredited activities in the Berkshire area follow Carly's Facebook page. If you are an activity provider in Berskshire who would like to find out more about becoming KalliKids accredited you can contact Carly here.



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