Meet some of The Lucky Sponsored Children of 2014 and apply for your place in 2015

21 Jan 2015 Posted by: Fiona Mostyn

Last year KalliKids sponsored 19 kids to take part in a wide range of activities including dance, drama, swimming and languages. This year we have 80 places up for grabs. Read on and find out how you can get a whole year of kids classes for free.

The children took part in classes for a whole year with KalliKids accredited activity providers and all of their tuition was free of charge. They updated us with their progress with blogs on the KalliKids Sponsored Child pages of our site. Here are some of the highlights of their year.

Jasmine (aged 13) was sponsored to attend Blackbelt Leaders Martial Arts Classes.

"When I first received the news that I had been short-listed for a Kallikids Sponsorship at Blackbelt Leaders, I was ecstatic. For days as I waited for the news, I was attached to my phone, constantly checking for emails, crossing everything in the hope of being awarded it. When I received the said email, I was full of shock; I'd been chosen for the scholarship!” Jasmine

Olivia (8 months) won a year of swimming lessons with Aquatots.

As the year progressed Olivia’s mother noticed that “Olivia loves the toys in the pool and already she seems really comfortable swimming underwater. Her confidence in the bath has improved too and she doesn’t cry when we are in the shower or when I wash her hair. I notice her holding skills are improving too.“


Nelly (age 6) was sponsored to attend Drama Classes at JK Theatre Arts

Sylwia, Nelly’s mum said "We were very excited to hear that Nelly was shortlisted for the KalliKids Sponsor My Child Project with JK Theatre Arts. Before the trial lesson Nelly was a bit anxious and worried that she does not know anyone but when she was introduced to another girl to be her buddy, Nelly relaxed and had so much fun.”

Nelly said, "I Like everything, but dancing the most. I am happy when I get a sticker at the end of the lessons. And I am happy that we will be learning "counting Stars" as it's one of my favourites."

You can read more about all of the Lucky Sponsored Children of 2014 here. They got a whole year of free classes and now you can too.


Applications are now open for KalliKids Sponsored Child 2015. It is free to apply and there are over 80 places available across the UK for children from 6 weeks to 18 years old. Don’t miss this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity for your child to learn a new skills, build confidence and make new friends. Apply now applications close on 20th February 2015.


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