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09 Nov 2013 Posted by: Guest blogger

Long gone are the days when children were made to balance a book on their head to practice good posture, yet how aware are we today of knowing how to look after our children's back health?

Headaches, back and neck pain are becoming increasingly prevalent in children. From a chiropractic point of view, we are almost seeing an epidemic of children and young people with incredibly poor posture and subsequent back and neck dysfunction. The good news is this can be preventable, so here are a few simple tips to keep your child strong and healthy.

Why good posture?

When your body is in ideal alignment, there is no excessive strain on muscles, joints and nerves. Even a child's behaviour can be affected by their posture!

FIVE easy steps:

  • Head up and chin in
  • Shoulders down and back
  • Straighten back and lift chest
  • Tummy in
  • Relax!

When sitting down:

  • Back all the way against the backrest
  • Knees at right angles
  • Feet flat on the floor
  • Don't cross your legs
  • At a computer, the centre of the screen should be at eye level to prevent leaning forwards
  • No slouching!

Encourage movement

These days children sit for too long, EVEN when doing homework. Change of position is crucial for giving muscles and joints a rest, so try to ensure your child is not sitting for longer than 30 minutes at a time.

Keep fit

Did you know that regular exercise is not only good for the heart but also essential for strong muscles to support the spine? Sports are known to help build confidence and co-ordination, and can help reduce the stress of growing up too!

What kind of schoolbag is best?

A rucksack is definitely the best choice. Straps on both shoulders ensure weight is distributed evenly and can be adjusted. Carry only necessary items, heavy things close to the body.

Good shoes

Good quality, soft-soled and supportive is key! Feet are the foundation of our stance and gait, so looking after them is vital in making sure our spines are not put under unnecessary stress.

These few simple tips can mean the difference between your child being happy and healthy, or a slouch-potato. Now’s a great time to start building good habits!

Dr Zoe Pantelios DC

Align – Doctors of Chiropractic

This is a guest post from Dr Zoe Pantelios DC from Align Doctors of Chiropractors (Southwick Brighton). They are a trusted and approved KalliKids provider and offer FREE BACK CHECKS. Kids can also enter their drawing contest to WIN a photo session and 15 images worth £340!!!!

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