Festivals with kids? We must be mad!

19 Feb 2014

Well – we’ve done it – got tickets for our first festival as a family and I’m starting to feel a bit apprehensive. As it was my idea, I feel a bit responsible for everyone enjoying themselves and having a great time – but I think that’s more my problem than theirs!

We’ve booked Elderflower Fields in the May half term so I’m slightly apprehensive about the British weather – sometimes it seems as though the sun manages to hide as soon as it finds out that the kids have no school and need entertaining all day.

I think that my main worry is about the toilets and the showers – will they stay clean over the three days? I’ve got friends who’ve been before who are very reassuring, but when you’re camping, things like that take on huge importance.

My husband always camped in the holidays with his family when he was younger, so he’s camped for most of his life, whereas I didn’t camp for the first time until I was in my late thirties, when the children were at Infant School.

I do love camping, the freedom that it brings to the children, and how well we all sleep from being outside from dawn till dusk. Then sitting round the fire and mulling over the day, with a glass or two.

The kids love it – apart from having to share a room in the tent – my daughter is 12 (going on 24) and my son’s nearly 11 – so they can start to drive each other slightly mad if the rain is chucking it down and they’re in a confined space together for too long.

I’ve read lots about Elderflower Fields and it sounds as though there’s something going on most of the time, so I’m hoping that the bickering will be reduced! I hope all the activities will actually make the kids feel a bit more grown up – as they can choose whether they want to join in skateboarding, arts or crafts, or just hang out and see a band…

…or am I being too optimistic?

Time will tell!

Elderflower Fields Family festival takes place in the heart of the Sussex countryside 23-26th May.


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