Family fun days and Maths go well together!

09 Jun 2014 Posted by: Guest blogger

Blog by Mike Gould, Maths Tutor in Mid-Sussex. Mike came along to a family fun day with Haywards Heath and took along Maths games for the kids. Maths may not seem like the obvious thing to do at a summer fair or music festival, but the kids really enjoyed it!

On the Sunday at the start of the summer half term I joined Kallikids at an activity day in Haywards Heath.

I was unsure about the weather when I arrived and came prepared to get wet. As it turned out I need not have worried the sun shone and it was sun screen I needed not an umbrella.

After I'd set our stand I began to think about the activities I'd brought with me for children to play. Of course, these would have a link to maths but as I always try to do I wanted to play this down. The aim was to make them fun for them.

I had a pack of large playing cards which I laid out on the table. Playing cards are great for maths there are so many ways you can use them. The game I played with a lot of children that day was doubles the idea was that children matched pairs of numbers with the aim of matching all the cards. The pace of the game was fast and it could be played with one or a group of children. When I played it with three or four children that day they were matching cards quicker that I could put new ones down. To slow the up I asked then to add the numbers on the cards, older children could multiply them.

It was good to see parents watching their children play, it was also great to meet them. The children enjoyed themselves and I enjoyed myself as well. That's what I think the day was all about, people having fun, listening to music and enjoying some great food that was on offer from other stalls and restaurants there.

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