Easter Crafts by Local Mum Jennifer

26 Mar 2013 Posted by: Guest blogger

Let’s make this Easter all about family fun! It’s going to be a cold one so here is a great Easter craft by guest blogger Jennifer

This Easter Egg craft can be used as an Easter card for friends and family, or as an Easter decoration for the home. It is easy to make, and as it suits all abilities it is a great craft to do if you have children of different ages.

You will need:
  • Coloured card, including yellow for the chick
  • Crayons, pens and collage materials – perhaps coloured paper, stickers and sequins
  • A paper fastener for each card
  • Optional – googly eyes, yellow paper or tissue paper and orange paper for the chicken

Firstly cut out a large Easter Egg shape from coloured card. The easiest way to do this is to search for an Easter Egg outline shape online, print it out, and use it as a template for the card. When you have cut out the shape you might want to draw some stripes or patterns for younger children to help them.

Then let your child decorate the egg however they like. I found some pictures online for inspiration. We used crayons and pens, then added stickers and stuck on some sequins. My son is four, and I encouraged him to copy some of the shapes and patterns from the photographs of eggs that I had found, as well as making some sequencing patterns with the sequins. My daughter is one, and so she mainly used the pens, with some help from me with the gluing.

While the egg is drying, make the chick by cutting out a head shape from yellow card. You can add details with pen, or we glued yellow tissue paper for feathers, and then added googly eyes, an orange beak and orange head feathers.

When everything is dry, carefully cut off the top third or so of the egg using a large zig zag cut. Use a paper fastener to join the two halves together on one side so that the egg hinges open. Then glue the chicken behind the egg so that it is peeping out from between the two halves.

You can write an Easter message on the back of the card, or simply use it as an Easter decoration for the home.

Jennifer is a Mum to two and lives in Angmering, West Sussex. She blogs about her family and the things that they get up to at Jennifer’s Little World.

We would love to see your Easter creations so send them in to Enquiries@KalliKids.com

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