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12 Nov 2014 Posted by: Guest blogger

Children look at the world with wonder and embrace new experiences with passion. If there is a mini-mystery to be solved or a strange sight to see, children will quickly spot a chance to grow and learn. Parents often say how quickly their youngsters grow and how they don’t know where the years go. Every single day brings new achievements; baby’s first smile, a toddler’s tottering steps, and first words.

At Gymboree, I find children like a foundation of familiar elements in place so they feel ready to try new things. Children are amazingly adaptable and even naturally timid children harbour an inquisitive streak and can thrive in new environments given appropriate encouragement. Often shy children feel the greatest sense of achievement when they succeed in a challenge. At Gymboree, play equipment is suitable for ages five years and under. Children become physically able or emotionally confident at different ages and there is never any pressure on a child to try a challenge before they are ready. Sometimes the last child in the class to tackle a complicated game becomes the most accomplished and certainly gains a level of personal satisfaction worthy of the wait. Gentle encouragement to try new activities and to accept the inevitable changes of the world around us are great gifts we can give our children.

If you are not looking forward to the cold, dark, gloomy days of winter, then brighten up your day come along to a free trial play & learn class and watch your little ones achieve new developmental goals. Go on, try something new today! Simply enter your email address below for your chance to win a month's free membership at Gymboree Horsley in Surrey. You will also subscribe to the KalliKids Newsletter with offers events and news of children's activities in your area. Competition closes 21st November 2014.

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