9 Sugar Substitute Ideas for Your Kids

9 Sugar Substitute Ideas for Your Kids

28 Jan 2017 Posted by: Karen KalliKids Founder

We all know our kids tend to eat too much sugar. Some we see and some we don’t. We also understand how much sugar impacts the mental and physical health of your children in so very many ways.

So, here are 9 simple to do ideas, brought to you by MW Solicitors, for reducing the sugar your kids eat and in most cases, they’ll never know how clever Mum or Dad have been!


Instead of buying the high-sugar content fruit flavoured ones, buy natural and flavour at home with nuts and fruit. There is still some sugar in fruit but it is healthier, probably cheaper and removes processed sugars and flavours.

healthy yogurt meal for children


Instead of traditional ketchup and sauces, buy either the low sugar ones or, even better, use the cartons of pure tomato sauce. Karen, KalliKids Founder says, her two kids loved the carton tomato sauce at every age and preferred it to ketchup. It is much cheaper too.

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Vanilla Extract in Cakes

Having tried the apple sauce trick, how about the vanilla extract trick? All the kids we know love vanilla – we all imagine Victoria sponge and ice cream! If you simply add 2 tablespoons less, you can give great flavour with ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract.

healthy cake alternatives for children


Use bananas instead of ice cream when you make milkshakes. Ripe bananas taste sweeter than the green ones so wait until they’re just right. You and the kids will also be getting some great fibre and they won’t even realise it!


Popping natural popcorn is great fun, easy and so much cheaper than buying pre-packed sugar-full popcorn. You can add a bit of flavour to natural popcorn by making a drizzle with a little lemon and natural honey or even dusting over a little cocoa powder into the corn when popped. The kids will love it.

healthier popcorn

Applesauce in Cakes

Next time you make a cake, you can replace a cup of sugar with a cup of natural unsweetened apple sauce. You can buy or make the sauce and not only will you reduce sugar and calories in the cake, you’ll give the cake extra flavour and get some great fibre and vitamin C. Note: apple sauce does introduce extra liquids to a cake so you may want to reduce other liquid ingredients a little.


Who doesn’t love a slice of toast and jam? Jams are pure sugar though – some natural and some processed. Buy the low-sugar versions of your favourite fruit flavours and do a taste test. Don’t show the kids the pot and we bet you they won’t say anything at all – they’ll eat the low sugar jam just like the old one.

jam on toast


After school, how many children come home and attack the biscuit tin? We know quite a few and were definitely guilty of it ourselves back in the day. The biscuits with the least sugar and calories are usually Rich Tea. These are fabulous for dunking in tea too.

That said, we know people who find them a little bland, so maybe you can simply compare sugar levels on biscuit packets before buying.

Even better - if you can make your own and replace the sugar with a little extra flavouring like coconut or cinnamon.

Fizzy pop

It goes without saying that full-sugar fizzy pop is a sugar bomb. Would you ever dream of adding 9 teaspoons of sugar into a cup of tea? Well, we certainly wouldn’t! One 330ml can of Coca-Cola contains 9 teaspoons of sugar. Fizzy water contains none. We say no more.

fizzy water


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This blog was brought to you by our legal partner, MW Solicitors, who share our passion for reducing sugar in children's diets and provide quality legal services to your family.

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