Seven Unusual Activities for Kids

08 Jan 2016 Posted by: Sarah Ryman

Struggling to find a class or activity to keep your children engaged or entertained?

I don’t know about you, but my kids have tried pretty much all the regular clubs and classes I can think of. My 8 year old is particularly hard to please. From Ballet to Brownies, Gymnastics to Gymkhanas, she’s had a go at most things. Or so I thought…

We’ve been searching the internet and come up with a few more unusual things to give ago.

  • Circus Skills - With so many styles of circus skills for your child to explore this is a great hobby that can provide hours of entertainment and many of the styles can be practiced and mastered at home (perhaps with the exception of lion taming!). Juggling, Clowning, Acrobatic tumbling, Magic, Aerials, Acro balance, Hula Hooping, Contortionism, Unicycle, Tight or Slack-rope walking and Flying trapeze are just a few types examples of skill they could try out.
  • Archery - An age old skill which will teach discipline, independence and maturity. Children will also develop their hand-eye coordination, focus and concentration.
  • Ukulele - A recent resurge in the Uke has seen the instrument being picked up by many kids and also being taught in some schools. A relatively simple instrument that can be purchased for less than £30 and can be transferred to guitar or violin. Although the 4 stringed instrument is easier to learn for children and there are many online tutorials we would recommend investing in some lessons.
  • Rock climbing - Even if you don’t live near cliffs and mountains there are many adventure centres across the UK offering opportunities to try this thrilling sport. Focusing on the physical skills and techniques that will allow kids to move fluidly in the vertical world. Children delight in the sense of achievement with climbing and it’s a great opportunity to get them out in the great outdoors. 

  • Pinterest is great for inspiration and older kids can even create their own boards to share with others. Try cutting up some bits of fabric and see what they come up with. Even toddlers will enjoy making their own fashions with some glue and imagination.
  • Ventriloquism - OK. Personally I may find it a bit creepy but practicing ventriloquism is a great way of increasing kids’ confidence. Children may be much happier performing through puppets as the attention is not directly on them. There is a quick guide on wikihow on how to be a good ventriloquist, and they can start practicing with the simplest of puppets or you can invest in an actual dummy friend for them.
  • Wild Camping – Tent, sleeping bag, torch and some munchies. Go out and find a spot in the wild and enjoy the great outdoors. You can join a group or one of the many associations like scouts and wood craft folk or just kit yourself out and go exploring. Go wild!

With so much on offer these days there really is no reason why any child should be spending hours and hours in front of the TV or computer.

No more ‘mum I’m bored’ for us. We have set ourselves a challenge to try something new once a month. This weekend I’m off to sleep in a tent in the middle of nowhere. Wish me luck...

If you are still looking for unusual ideas to keep hard to please child busy, look out for our blog on unusual family activities coming soon.

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