7 Reasons to Join a Ballet Class

03 Jul 2014 Posted by: Charlie Plunkett
It doesn’t matter if you have never set foot in a ballet studio, you can find a class to suit you and start reaping the benefits of this beautiful and gentle dance form. When my little boy was a baby I suffered with terrible tendonitis in my wrists. It was caused by carrying him and the vast array of baby paraphernalia that requires pincer like movements to build and the strength of Wonder Woman to lift. 
I saw an acupuncturist, who offered some relief to my symptoms and recommended I take up any form of exercise that would “open up” my upper body. I had taken a break from dancing during my pregnancy but as soon as I felt up to it I began teaching ballet classes to other mums and almost immediately discovered the following benefits I want to share with you.
  • Taking just an hour a week to do class is a wonderful way to find some “me time”. 
  • Hours of hunching over your baby as you nurse them and poor posture pushing the buggy can be addressed. One of the top benefits of ballet is increased awareness and improvement in your posture.
  • Ballet exercises are gentle yet effective in improving the muscles in your pelvic floor.
  • Overused, tired muscles in your back and arms will soon be eased as you work through a series of exercises designed specifically for these target areas. 
  • Exercise is good for your wellbeing; endorphins are released helping prevent baby blues.
  • Ballet has a strong focus on using the entire body. Regular class will mean you soon notice a dramatic improvement in your co-ordination, flexibility and stamina.
  • You will be using your brain too giving you more clarity and less ‘baby brain’ forgetfulness.
I teach four ballet classes a week and can’t recommend highly enough how beneficial they are for your mind body and soul. My Tendinitis has gone and a lady I teach said that her husband noticed a vast improvement in her posture after her first class. He said she was walking how she had before having their babies!

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