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Zoo 4 You is a family run animal party & encounter service by Samantha Knapp and partner Declan Knapp, both of whom are very passionate about animals and have kept many different species for a number of years. At Zoo 4 You we take great pride in teaching about the animals needs & care and hope to inspire responsible keeping at our events. The events we offer are fun and hands on so you will be able to get really up close to the animals and handle some really unusual species, all while learning a little about them.

Birthday Parties

Our animal birthday parties are a guaranteed fun & exciting way for your child (or adult) to celebrate their birthday. We bring a large selection of animals to your house (or venue of choice*) including, snakes, lizards, frogs, bugs & insects, exotic mammals, birds and any of the other animals you can see on our animal list. Our parties offer a unique experience in which guests will have the opportunity to handle and have fun with (all whilst learning about) these amazing exotic animals. Imagine having a meerkat in your own living room! Here’s an example of how one of our animal birthday parties run…

We arrive in plenty of time to set up (usually takes no more than 15 minutes), we will then ask the children to sit down and we give a short introduction & safety talk, then we get started! We bring out each animal individually and talk a little about it, giving the children lots of chances to ask us questions. We then let the children get hands on with these amazing animals and we try to give everyone a chance to hold the animals. We do however have a special few that are just for the birthday child to hold, making their party extra special! If needed we can have a quick break in the middle to give the kids a chance to let out some energy. Once we have shown all of the animals, the kids are asked to wash their hands and the rest is up to you!

We have several different birthday party packages ranging from a 45 minute presentation to an hour and half with a photo book at the end to remind you of all the fun of the day. Please do not hesitate to ask if there are any specific requirements for your party.


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