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This phenomenal fitness class is designed to be an energetic, motivational and inspiring activity for children, encouraging them to keep fit and healthy by learning fun and funky dance moves. Popsteps offer classes for kids and adults, pamper parties, one off special events, summer camps, and fabulous dance birthday parties!

Indeed, Popsteps ™ is a fantastic mix of commercial dance styles, including jazz funk, and the combination of uplifting music and high-energy moves creates a brilliant environment. All of the music and the choreography is 100% child-friendly.

But while Popsteps ™ helps to show tomorrow’s adults that fitness can be great fun, it is also much, much more than just exercise.

Popsteps ™ instructors also focus on developing: leadership, teamwork, respect, pride, confidence, responsibility, co-ordination, balance, discipline, memory, creativity, rhythm and social skills.

What’s more, Popsteps ™ also focuses on some elements of the key stage 2 national curriculum of physical education, with aims such as:

  • Developing confidence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • To be physically active for sustained periods of time
  • Lead healthy and active lives
  • Developing flexibility, strength, technique and balance
  • Perform dances using a range of movement patterns
  • Comparing their performance with previous ones and demonstrating improvement to achieve their personal best.

Finding a physical activity that a child can enjoy is very important. And, the more they enjoy it, the more they are likely to come back for more. Regular, physical activity not only keeps the body healthy, it also helps to keep the mind focused.

Being part of something so motivational like Popsteps ™ is truly uplifting and encourages positive behaviour in all areas of life.


If you are looking for a Fun, Funky, High Energy Dance Party then look no further than a Popsteps party.

Perfect for boys & girls, your Popsteps Kids dance party will be hosted by one of our fabulous Popsteps instructors who are fully qualified dance instructors, DBS checked and are brilliant with children of all ages.

A Popsteps dance party consists of:

  • A choreographed routine to your child’s favorite song (which is taught to the birthday guests)
  • Lots of dance themed party games
  • Party bag for the birthday boy or girl
  • Lots of energy, music & fun
  • Prizes for all children

A Popsteps party is 1hr (minimum), however, we are happy to offer longer parties with more than 1 dance routine.

If you would like to check the availability of our instructors, or if you would like to book your next Popsteps dance party, please contact us.

Popsteps want your child to have the best possible dance party experience ever.


Popsteps is presented by DANCE2TONE LTD, a professional dance fitness company founded by Becky Stevens, has public liability insurance and a music licence.



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