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About Calm Reflex Baby Massage

These baby led classes run over 5 weeks and include elements of baby reflexology, baby yoga, a full massage routine, parent relaxation and discussion together with refreshments.  They are held on Wednesdays in Northfield commencing Wednesday 17th August at 1.30 pm, Kings Norton on Fridays at the AWARD WINNING Birmingham Holistic Health Centre commencing at 11.30 am commencing Friday 19th August and Bromsgrove & Redditch Early Help on Tuesday 16th August at 11.30 am.  

This ancient art has a myriad of benefits including helping to improve baby's health and wellbeing, body awareness, help them to settle quickly and sleep for longer periods; baby's co-ordination, flexibility and suppleness.  

The classes are very popular to provide one on one time with baby and to help baby's digestive problems.  It can help nurture mom's maternal instinct and offer a positive interaction in cases of post-natal depression.  

Also available are host-your-own classes.  If you know a group of friends who would like to join but can't come to a class then why not host the class at your home.   For more details contact, or 07539 062 031 or to book your course visit


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