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What Is ChildMax?

ChildMax is an annual insurance protecting the salary of parents in the event that they take an unpaid leave of absence from employment due to the necessity to care for a child suffering a major illness or serious accident that is covered under the policy.


Max Robinson is the creator and driving force behind ChildMax

ChildMax is built from Max’s personal experience within his own family when his half-sister began to need years of care arising from a rare condition.

Max’s father became the full time carer while his step-mother had to become the bread winner. The financial impact was life changing.

Max’s experience, as a professionally qualified insurance practitioner, gave him the confidence to develop a new insurance product for hard working families offered through InsureWithMax.


Find out more about ChildMax


Watch the 60 second video to see how ChildMax protects working parents’ take home salary for a year in the event that they require unpaid leave to care for a sick child.



To find out more, and to get a quote in 5 easy steps, click the link below:


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