The Walcroft Family, Hampshire

The Walcroft Family

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We are Keri and Charly and together we have the little dude, Finley, 4 (Charly's son from a previous relationship).

Charly and I are blogging enthusiasts and are new to the LGBTQ community. We 'came out' to our family and friends just over 9 months ago now, and we got engaged on New Years Eve in front of the London Eye. Luckily for us, Finley is young enough to accept our relationship without prejudice, and as he grows older we will teach him the usual family values, to have respect for everything and everyone around him, and that Love is Love.

I am a full time Nanny and Charly is a stay at home Mummy, until Finley starts school in September. And together we have the best time. We are very active as a family, enjoy swimming, going for walks and bear hunts in the woods, playing at the park and days out.

Charly and I are both forever on a diet, we try to watch what we eat, and think up healthy food ideas, but sometimes our busy lifestyle gets in the way. We also struggle with Finley at mealtimes, have difficulties with him trying anything new, and getting fruit into him is near on impossible. But we are willing to give anything a try and are definitely up for a challenge, although we're not so sure Finley will see it that way!

Wish us luck!

Picture-of-Keri,-Charley-and-child-Finlay-for-the-KalliKis-Sugar-Smart-family-challenge-1 Picture-of-Keri,-Charley-and-child-Finlay-for-the-KalliKis-Sugar-Smart-family-challenge-3
Picture-of-Keri,-Charley-and-child-Finlay-for-the-KalliKis-Sugar-Smart-family-challenge-4 Picture of Keri, Charley and child Finlay for the KalliKis Sugar Smart family challenge 5

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