The Shaw Family, London

The Shaw Family

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We are a family of five living in South London. 

Stuart (42) works in the media industry, Juliet (40) specialises in business development and coaching professionals in consulting. Zac (8, soon to be 9) is exuberant and sporty. His dream is to play rugby for England but also loves tennis, football and karate. Immy (6, soon to be 7) is a very thoughtful and fun loving girl. She is passionate about gymnastics but has also recently got a distinction in her first ballet exam. She also does karate and rugby and dreams of being first a gymnast and then moving on to becoming an art teacher whilst writing songs for her friend who is going to become a pop star. Casper (4) is still trying to decide what he wants to do but does enjoy tennis and rugby; he definitely punches above his years in bossing our house. 
Life is extremely busy with two full time working parents, numerous clubs and parties so we have an au pair. As a result planning of meals is generally last minute. Stuart and Juliet enjoy cooking and for the last few months have been enjoying Joe Wicks’ low carb meals as well as curry as often as we have time to cook one.

We spend a lot of time discussing healthy living with the kids, they understand what is good and bad to eat and the various food groups, unfortunately despite this getting them to eat healthily is a constant challenge.

The-three-children-of-Stuart-with-thumbs-up-for-the-Sugar-Smart-Family-Challenge The-three-kids-of-Stuart-for-the-Sugar-Smart-Family-Challenge
Stuart-and-Juliet-and-the-three-children-on-holiday-before-the-Sugar-Smart-challenge The-three-children-of-Stuart-for-the-Sugar-Smart-family-challenge


The Shaw family is being sponsored by The Shaw Family, London


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