The Fitzgerald Family, Sussex

The Fitzgerald Family

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Hi! We're the Fitz 5 and we live in wonderful, colourful Brighton!

Like most modern families, although we try really hard to eat a healthy, varied diet, sometimes the sheer pace of life gets in the way.

I'm Louisa: as well as being a full time mum, I run a small business called 'Get Creative in Brighton' (Drama, Dance, Arts, Crafts and Circus workshops and parties for children) so am always on the go! I am a massive fruit and cereal fan and I am very partial to chocolate.

Rob is a paramedic, always shattered from commuting to and from London, working his 12 hours shifts and often relying on his 'emergency supply of sherbet lemons' for a quick energy fix.

We have 3 amazing, lively, quirky kiddies with big appetites:

  • Food connoisseur and Bake-Off judge in-the-making Tommy (aged 8)
  • Our constantly hungry, resident comedian Harry (aged 6 and a half)
  • And our chocolate-loving firecracker Emily (aged - very nearly - 5)

The hidden sugar in everyday foods highlighted by the media in recent months, has made us realise that we are perhaps not as 'healthy' as we thought and could well be eating way too much of 'the white stuff' without even realising! We do have a bit of a sweet tooth when it comes to treats – ice cream and chocolate being the obvious ones - but it is the hidden sugars in cereals and snacks that we would really like to tackle.

We are all very excited about taking the 12 week challenge; being able to find a quick, easy and healthy source of energy is really important to keep up our active lives, so please wish us luck!



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