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The Farrar Family

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We are a family of four...Andrea (mum, 41), Mark (dad, 42), Alice (6) and Sylvie (2). We live in the middle of Cardiff, but as it's such a green city, we're really near an amazing park.

Alice is in year 2 at school, Sylvie and Andrea stay at home (or not... cafés, soft play, park, play group, etc.) and Mark cycles to work in the city centre each day. We're pretty active, Mark is a marathon runner, Alice does athletics and both girls go swimming. Andrea is the laziest of the bunch, but tries to do a fitness video from YouTube everyday and walks everywhere.

We love cooking.

It is Andrea's 2017 resolution to cook something new every week....this is often cakes or biscuits! Mark and the girls have really sweet teeth, enjoying sugary cereals when they can sneak them in the trolley, but Andrea tries to limit them to weekends! Sweets, ice cream, chocolate, name it, it's in our cupboards, fridge and freezer. Andrea would love for her and the rest of the family to cut down their sugar intake, but is often at a loss for lunch box and pudding ideas.

We're really looking forward to taking part in the challenge!

Picture-of-child-Alice-taking-on-the-Sugar-Smart-Family-Challenge Picture-of-Alice-and-Slyvie-taking-on-the-Sugar-Smart-Family-Challenge


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