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First time parents to an almost 2 year old boy (will turn 2 in April).

I know the importance of having children consume less sugar from a healthy and well being perspective, so that they don't feel fatigue or suffer obesity or high blood pressure later in life.

Sometimes it's so tempting to have that quick microwave or oven meal, but when I study the contents I'm forced to bulk prepare over the weekend and then just have the option of deciding what to have the sauce with - whether potatoes, rice or pasta etc.
We are a family of 3, no pets and with age ranging from Gozie - 35, Amaka - 32 and Michael - 1. We do enjoy the occasional play in the park behind the flats, but as we're on the top floor we don't have the luxury of our very own garden - so any chance of the outdoors is embraced.
My son loves drinking water and I like this as that's one less battle to fight on the sugar front with the squash or juices. I understand natural sugars like those in fruits and vegetables are good for you so in order to have a balanced meal so I incorporate these in his meals. I try to prepare a family meal for all of us that's low in salt too.

I'm really looking forward to taking part in this challenge so as to know that a low sugar diet isn't boring but fun!!!!

Amaka-and-her-family-taking-on-the-KalliKids-Sugar-Smart-challenge-1 Amaka-and-her-family-taking-on-the-KalliKids-Sugar-Smart-challenge-3


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