Sugar Smart Kids - with Jamie Oliver

Sugar Smart Kids - with Jamie Oliver

wine gums for sugar smart for kids initiative

Why we care about kids’ sugar consumption

Our mission at KalliKids is to help you as a parent make the right choice for their children, inspiring them to learn new skills in trusted environments.

This includes children growing up active, physically healthy and mentally healthy. Diet and sugar consumption is a big part of health and what children eat as they grow up will be with them for all their life.

How we are helping parents who want to help their kids

We are proud to have teamed up with Sugar Smart, the proactive sugar initiative of Jamie Oliver. Sugar Smart are working with multiple school authorities and soon to be hundreds of schools to help school meals be Sugar Smart.

That is fantastic news. If all kids are Sugar Smart at school, that is one huge tick in the box. But what about at home?

As parents, we all love our children from here to the moon and back, so let's learn from the experts and follow Sugar Smart ideas at home.

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Follow the family challenge

We have recruited 8 families to take on the Sugar Smart challenge, tell us how they get on and inspire other Mums and Dads to help their kids too.

Watch this space to meet the star families! You can join their journey by taking on the challenge too.


Take on the fun family challenge to cut your sugar

Join the families challenging themselves and their children to reduce their sugar.

It is fun, you will learn lots and your children will grow up healthier.


See how to join in


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