16 Jun 2017

Mini Training Facebook Live Event - 9pm on Wednesday 28th June!

Find out how you can REDISCOVER THE MAGIC OF PARENTING THROUGH THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS by coming to my free mini Facebook training. 

We will be talking about:
* how to mentally prepare ourselves for the Summer holidays
* how to connect with our children in a way that means everybody is happy.
*how to feel calm and in control (of yourself - not them because they are not controllable)
* how to make friends with 'boredom'
* how to maximise this precious time together

And I will give you some tips and suggestions as to how you can:

keep your own sanity and lose the overwhelm

I want you to feel supported through Summer and confident that you can make it to September and still be a happy family.  Are you in?

Join Smiley at 9pm on Wednesday 28th June!

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