04 Feb 2017

Parenting can be hard, but parenting before, during and after a separation brings parenting to a different level. But how you get to the other side depends on how you react & deal with the situation but also if you have the right support and information your family are more likely to get through this with as little negative effect as possible. 

In this group you can expect:                                                                         

  • Monthly organised meetings
  • You will meet likeminded women who understand what you are going through.
  • you will get a feeling that, you are not alone and build friendship that can benefit you and our children
  • Look at how to go through a separation and move forward in a constructive and positive way, with the best interests for the children.
  • Each session will focus on support between the mums in the group
  • There will also be a topic to each time i.e. Set up agreed rules, discipline and routines between the 2 homes – How to look after yourself so you can look after your family - Make yourself a confident role model who will have a positive impact on how your children will be affected by the separation - Help you become aware of your expectations, limitations and barriers - Provide a framework that will help you to manage the relationship with your ex-partner - Learn how to communicate effectively with your children when things get a bit rough.
  • These sessions are confidential and non-judgmental so you will feel safe to freely speak your mind, feelings and thoughts without feeling blame, shame or guilt!

For everybody who wants to be a more positive & focused mother figure, no matter what you are going through!

To find your nearest group click http://www.parentingsuccesscoaching.com/parenting-classes/

 Refreshment will be provided  

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