What About the Girls?

What About the Girls?

16 Feb 2017 Posted by: Guest blogger

From my very first experience of a rugby pitch as a young girl, it was on the side to watch the boys play. Was there a girls’ team? No!

The very thought was unheard of and something that the local rugby club was aghast at being asked. This was 1995.

The change in woman moving from the side-lines to the pitch has been a gradual one, and in some areas, it is still unheard of, but why?

What Does Rugby Offer?

Rugby offers something for everyone, and I do mean everyone.

From toddlers who can play tag, to professionals playing full contact - and everything in between!

Progression from a toddler to a club means tag, touch, contact and for those who are not keen on the contact side there is ‘touch’ rugby and there is even ‘walking rugby’ for those with medical and other considerations and wheelchair rugby too!


Many other sports offer a long list of pre-requisite attributes, such as ‘you have to be tall’, ‘run a 3 minute mile’, ‘have great coordination’ or ‘be small and short’. So what does rugby ask? NOTHING!

You turn up, you learn, you have fun, become part of a family and grow.

With all the different positions and types of rugby on offer you can be tall, short, speedy, slow, big or small. This is a game for EVERYONE!

Here Come the Girls

Once perceptions of the game changed and strong female role models came on board, more clubs, schools and players saw that ladies have an equal right, equal chance and equal ability to play!

There has been a huge shift in perceptions and now when you look at the clubs around the country, you can see more and more ladies rugby teams starting.


2017 and Beyond

We have a long way to go, and without getting into a very deep discussion about feminism and women rights, let’s just say we are seeing a change.

More and more families are seeing the benefits of encouraging their children into sport from a young age.

The health and behavioural benefits are huge and benefit both boys and girls equally. Whether it be Rugby, Tennis or Ballet, who doesn't think that getting up and moving more is good?

We are seeing a rise in the number of girls coming through our classes, and from this the demand for local rugby clubs to encourage girls into the game has risen.


The RFU has recently run their #InnerWarrior campaign to encourage more women to give it a go, and what’s stopping you?

Long gone are cauliflower ears and masculine bravado, what Rugby offers everyone is the chance to be part of a growing family, a community and a place to be YOU!


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This blog was submitted by Carly from Little Scrummers Rugby.
Little Scrummers Rugby is an exciting idea based on non contact rugby for boys and girls aged 2 years to 6 years.

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