Up for a Family Challenge?

Up for a Family Challenge?

12 Feb 2017 Posted by: Karen KalliKids Founder

Join us in the family challenge and join me, Karen, Founder of KalliKids, on my sugar journey.

Sugar journey this week: Karen, Mum of two

My journey of discovery this week has been full of OMG sugar moments. In some cases they have been out loud!

On a short trip to the supermarket, I stood and read the ingredients. It made the trip not so short but incredibly useful.

I was SIMPLY GOBSMACKED with some of the savoury things we eat regularly which have sugar in.

My top 5 OMG moments:

  • Smoked salmon
  • Salted crisps
  • Tomato soup
  • Couscous and lentils “healthy” meal
  • Chorizo tortellini.

Honestly, I thought smoked salmon was just salmon that had been smoked!

high sugar products bad for kids

Family sugar challenge: help your children

This is why we’re doing the 12-week family challenge.

8 families will be chosen and be given a fun sugar challenge each week. At the end, each family gets £150 to thank them for telling us about their journey.


After all, bringing up healthy kids isn’t just about doing dance, swimming and karate, it is about eating the right things too.

Find out more and apply:

Apply for the Sugar Smart Family Challenge


Partnering with Sugar Smart

KalliKids is partnering with Sugar Smart, the Jamie Oliver kids’ sugar initiative. Sugar Smart is helping schools be aware of sugar in school meals and reduce sugar for kids right down. We are doing the same for parents.

Find out more and apply:

Apply for the Sugar Smart Family Challenge

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