Sponsor  a Child Ava and Topspin Monkeys

Sponsor a Child Ava and Topspin Monkeys

12 Nov 2014 Posted by: Kate Matthews

Ava is taking part in the KalliKids Sponsor a Child scheme with tennis specialists Topspin Monkeys. Her mum, Dawn, has feedback on the three year olds progress.

"Ava especially likes the throwing games when the net is up and you have to knock down rackets and ball holders. We have been surprised at how good her aim is and how determined she is to knock specific targets down. No random throwing or if the target is too difficult then moving on to an easier one. Once she has a target in mind she won't stop until she has got it.We have also noticed that she is very fond of sidestepping side to side to hit the ball back with the racquet, so much so that in the last session we had a mini melt down because she didn't want to move forwards and backwards (which is what Andy had asked for)!

"We have also noticed that this term, when not tired, she has been much more focused on what she is doing and less interested in the other kids. That's not to say she still doesn't stop and look at others, she is only 3 after all, but she is noticeably less distracted. Having said that she does want to 'fit in' so if he child doing the demo does something she is sure to copy that. It was funny watching her do the walking forwards and backwards as her natural instinct is to walk slowly and cautiously backwards without looking (we've seen her do that at home often) but because the child doing the demonstration looked back where their feet went she actually stopped dead, then looked back!

"It is lovely watching her beam with delight when she has nailed something and seeing her sidle up to Andy to show him her new 'Frozen' bottle of water (she so wants to stop and chat with him and share things with him).

My most challenging moment however came 3/4 weeks ago when Dad (who does all the coordinated skills due to me having no eye-hand coordination skills) having to miss a week. I therefore had to step into the breach and throw a large foam ball to Ava for her to catch. She did amazingly well catching all of the ones that went towards her. Unfortunately since mum can't throw for toffee there were quite a lot that went so far wide of her body she would have needed Mr Tickle length arms to catch them. To my undying shame Andy had to come and give me pointers on throwing! All those kids there to learn tennis and it was the parent that needed the most help!

Her most successful moment has definitely been with the improvements in her aim and focus when knocking things down. She gave very enthusiastic high fives and had a very satisfied grin on her face."


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