Introducing Bean & Gone

Introducing Bean & Gone

15 Mar 2017 Posted by: Stuart Willis

Bean&Gone is a series of seasonal adventures set over several time periods, featuring an eclectic cast of characters.

From the mysterious village of Hollybridge, the beans embark on various journeys that span both the physical and digital realm, from trading cards to multi-choice, interactive storybooks. While their origins are mostly shrouded in secrecy, bean colonies are founded on long-reaching, spiralling vines. Their mystical lineage is also linked to unique crystals with varying properties scattered throughout the world.

But while the Beans live out their days in relative peace, riding on the backs of bees and magically affecting the world around them, their safe havens are threatened by ravenous, thieving birds. Many accidental adventures are tied to these incidents, forming the basis of our stories.

With ambitious Augmented Reality opportunities, options to customise your bean for 3D Printing, and much more, Beans Entertainment will be a driving force in entertainment with its many adventures that can be enjoyed together.


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