How to Plan the Perfect First Birthday Party

How to Plan the Perfect First Birthday

23 Feb 2017 Posted by: Stuart Willis

It's an incredible milestone to have reached, so you'll want to make your child's first birthday party is as special as they are. It's a day to create lifelong memories. With this in mind, here are a few useful things to consider as you begin to plan.

The Date

This may seem so obvious as to require no consideration at all. But if your child's birthday falls on a weekday, it's more likely that your potential guests will have other commitments.

Throwing the party at a weekend and giving everyone plenty of advanced notice makes it more likely that those RSVPs will all say 'YES!'

You also want to consider the guest of honour. Make sure the celebrations begin after nap-time. That way your child will be well rested and less likely to get cranky!



If your home is large enough to accommodate all your guests, this is probably the best location. It cuts the cost of having to hire a venue, while the surroundings are familiar and unlikely to cause your child any discomfort.

It might also be possible to designate a quiet space for any children or adults who need a little break from the festivities.

Picking a Theme

Choosing a theme which appeals to as many children as possible might seem quite tricky, but start with the interests of the birthday boy or girl.

Perhaps they have a favourite book that you read together: can the party be organised around the characters?

Animals are usually a constant source of fascination for most children, and there are plenty of party games and crafts that can be organised with this theme in mind.


Games and Crafts

While it's good to organise activities, try not to over-plan. At the very most, it's unlikely the party will last more than a few hours, so you don't need a full programme of entertainment.

For the activities you do plan, try and enlist the help of other adults. If you have a friend who is good at face-painting, for example, or if someone is happy to lead story time or a song, this can help make sure you don't overload yourself!


If the idea of taking on all aspects of the party yourself is a bit overwhelming, and you can't find any friends with face painting skills, you can always consider hiring an entertainer.

Good entertainers will organise with you before the party; learning about your child’s and guests’ likes and dislikes and tailoring the party to be as enjoyable as possible.

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