Half Sugar Family Sponge Cake

Half Sugar Family Sponge Cake

28 Feb 2017 Posted by: Stuart Willis

As someone who doesn’t bake often and is not known for amazingly soft and airy sponge cakes, I’m quite proud of low sugar experiment number two!

Take a look at experiment one:

The Perfect Low Sugar Pudding?

Low-Sugar Family Sponge Cake

This was a sponge cake with a difference: the recipe needed 200g of sugar and we added only 100g. In the place of the reduced sugar we added 100g of organic apple puree.

To be totally honest, this was an experiment, having read that you can make this swap. But we liked the experiment!

The Result in Terms of Sugar Content Is Big


100g of sugar contains, well, you guessed it, 100g of sugar. Moreover, that sugar is a “Free Sugar” as it is refined and naturally occurring.

100g of pure apple puree (no added sugar) contains just 9g. Moreover, that sugar is a Natural Sugar.

By this simple swap, we reduced the sugar in the cake by 91g. That is the equivalent of two children’s whole daily sugar allowance.

The Verdict: a Family Favourite or a Disaster?

The final result tasted good although appeared a little uncooked and frankly did not rise well.

Next time I think we’ll add baking powder and a little extra vanilla extract to cover the taste of the baking powder.

The sponge cake looked a bit sad without a dusting of icing sugar or indeed proper icing sugar.

We put some cocoa powder on top to give the cake a little personality but someone else may have a much better idea.

To add a little moisture and avoid ice cream/cream/custard, we had a dollop of natural yogurt.

We like natural yogurt in our family (Dad is French and natural yogurt is much more the “norm” in France than here). If you’re not used to natural yogurt, that might be a step too far at this point.

What Did the Kids and Hubby Say?

  • 8/10 from hubby, who has a sweet tooth and is used to my not-so-great baking. He went back for seconds.
  • 6/10 from teenage daughter 1 who is constantly baking for her school friends. She said it didn’t look great and needed whisking a lot more. That is no doubt true!
  • 7/10 from teenage daughter 2 who had seconds too.
  • 8/10 from me. I was pleased that you can bake a cake with half the sugar and it still tastes OK. I just need to experiment a little more.


Encouraging Your Kids to like Your Reduced-Sugar Experiment

  • The best way to get your kids to taste something new is to get them to make it. Making this cake with your children will be half the battle to them liking it.
  • You could also make the cakes more fun – cooking in little fun-shaped moulds rather than in one big boring round tin.

So All in All

We’re really happy that we didn’t miss the high sugar taste at all. The cake certainly went down well with a cup of tea.


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