Food & Snack Guide for Kids' Parties

Food & Snack Guide for Kids' Parties

24 Mar 2017 Posted by: Stuart Willis

Planning a kids' birthday party can be daunting, there is lots to think about, from invitations to party bags, but one thing you can be certain of is that you will have to endure a bunch of excited children expecting to be fed well!

To help make things a little less stressful, here are some of our top suggestions for great food and snacks for a party:

Sandwiches (crusts off!)

Sandwiches are always a popular and easy choice for kids.

Try grated cheddar and ham, or chicken and cheese or the classic jam and butter. Keep the fillings simple or you could find it results in more mess than already expected.

Perhaps cut the sandwiches into fun shapes with biscuit cutters; kids love anything that looks different!


Savoury Snacks

Bowls of savoury food go down a treat, children can pick how much they want before going back for more.

Try cocktail sausages, garlic bread, mini pizzas, mini sausage rolls and endless bowls of crisps in all flavours imaginable!


Sweet Snacks

Every party needs a little sugar. Try fairy cakes with pretty sprinkles, Rice Krispie buns, chocolate biscuits. You can also try offering up a low sugar alternative like our half sugar sponge cake and for a healthier option, fruit kebabs.

Having fruit on a stick is definitely more appealing to a child than fruit in a bowl, plus it's a great way to convince them to eat more fruit. Put some cheese cubes with the fruit kebab for a real treat!


Try all these snacks to keep the kids satisfied and hunger-free at a birthday party, then finish the day with a delicious birthday cake. Anything that's left over, the adults can finish!


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