Dyslexic struggles How can I help my child?

Dyslexic struggles: How can I help my child?

25 Mar 2015 Posted by: Guest blogger

Our kids had both battled with labels such as ‘lazy’ and ‘ill-disciplined,’ attributed by staff who didn’t understand. They had been schooled differently, both in the private and the public sector, but no one really offered the support they needed.

Mothers Lisa and Val set up Dyslexia Assist to be a one stop hub for information so that other parents could find support rather than experience the helplessness and frustration we had for our kids.

Tim would sit down to write, look at a blank page, become upset, cry and walk out of the room with frustration. He would ask his teacher additional questions and ask to move to the front of the class which led to people to think he had a hearing problem and might even need glasses. When glasses were prescribed to try and help Tim, he became upset on finding that they were not the magic wand that would enable him to read. However, since being diagnosed after an assessment, he now gets the additional support he needs and is beginning to develop skills to cope with his difficulties. He has even moved up to higher sets in science Maths and English which he is, quite rightly, chuffed about.

There are plenty of websites which detail how to ‘treat’ or ‘cure’ dyslexia, but none which give really practical help , saying ‘we tried this and it worked well’ or ‘we tried this, it worked with one of our children, but not the other’ . Dyslexia-Assist.org.uk has customisable user friendly approach. Children can scroll through ideas to try to help with spelling, maths and everyday things. Parents can quickly find advice and tips for frequently asked questions like, how can I encourage my child to read? How to help with organisation? Children and parents can also upload and share their ideas/tips and experience on the website.



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