7 Tips to Save Time

7 Tips to Save Time

14 Feb 2017 Posted by: Stuart Willis

We’ve all wanted to climb into a time tunnel and reverse the hours in the day. It’s a real strain, juggling the skills of job along with the responsibilities of being a parent.

There are no quick wins apart from planning, organising and more planning. Do you have any time saving tips? If not, then read on.

Be a Time-Juggler


Recently Skyping with my sister in Australia, she summed up the need to be a time-juggler having recently started a part-time job with 3 young children.

Having been a stay at home Mum, she found it a struggle to cope with the new family regime; her answer is being uber-organised.

Beat the Chaos

Any parent will know that at times family life is chaotic, balancing the needs of the home, the children, the pets and partners (not in any order).  

So here are 7 tips to save time, creating less worry:

  1. Make use of apps. Mums use smart phone apps to save time. By taking advantage of banking apps or a calendar apps, stay financially ahead and organised. There are also some great apps to help cooking simple and healthy recipes.
  2. Do as much as you can the night before. This is a favourite of my sister to avoid the morning rush. She gets the packed lunches made, lays the table for breakfast and gets the kids’ clothes out. This saves time and last-minute chaotic moments.
  3. Where possible, share the school run. By arranging a schedule time, each family can save time through organised drop-offs and pick-ups from school.
  4. Like all savvy Mums - shop online. Ordering food online saves time and the hassle of traipsing around the supermarket with the kids in tow.

    chopping vegetables
  5. Cook ahead for the week, making it fun for the kids to be involved. By preparing meals on Sunday for the week ahead, timed is saved. However, it does tend to require a large freezer and cooking food in bulk.
  6. Prioritize the tasks by dividing the to-do list into three sections: immediate, anytime and long-term. By thinking ahead, tasks can be dealt with in the optimal time frame and order.
  7. Never forget to make time for your partner, otherwise the foundations of your relationship can come under pressure. Each couple will know the best times for “me-time.” Swapping babysitting credits with friends keeps the cost down if the couple wants to go out.

Everyone has their own ways of operating, but try to avoid creating endless lists. The best list to have is to collect key contacts in one place; all your emergency contacts, family and friends.

Just remember to keep a copy to save time rebuilding the destroyed or misplaced list. Now you’re a time-juggler.


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