3 Reasons Your Kids Should Try a Holiday Camp

3 Reasons Your Kids Should Try a Holiday Camp

21 Feb 2017 Posted by: Guest blogger

There's something about school holiday's that make them more of a challenge than every other day.

You can't rely as much on homework or weekend treats to keep the kids occupied, so what do you do during a seemingly long holiday? How about a camp?

Your children can not only make friends, gain confidence, and work on their skills, but they can try new things as well.

1. Try new things

One of the benefits of Barracudas Activity Day Camps is the sheer variety of activities available, all under one roof.

The added bonus is we have a weekly timetable of activities, and some are repeated, so all the more time for your children to try new things and then revisit the ones they love.

With a daily schedule and several choices per session, there's plenty of excitement to be found. As a tease, some things your kids may be able to try include:

4 1/2 years to 6 years: Tag rugby, lantern making and swimming
7 to 10 years: Quad bikes, archery, orienteering
11- 14 years: Dodgeball, tie-dye prints, fencing

kids fencing at activity camp

2. Life skills

You never know who you will meet at camp, and this is the place where new friends are made.

Children have the opportunity to gain independence and confidence as they try and explore new things.

The older kids also have the chance to train as a future Barracudas team member, ideal if your child wants further experience in coaching sports, or looking after young children.

kids dancing together at barracudas activity camps

3. Flexible and fun

Barracudas Camps are typically open from 8.30am-5.30pm, with early/late options to cater for working parents.

With weekly and daily prices, and offers on multiple day passes, Barracudas is a flexible and fun holiday camp to suit all ages. Barracudas can supply the fun, and plenty of after dinner chat when your kids return home.


These are just three reasons why your child should attend a Barracudas Activity Day Camp during the holidays. Contact us today for more information.

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Barracudas offers summer and Easter activity day camps in England for children aged between 4½ to 14 years.

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